Marvel, Roquill and the Guardians of the Galaxy

In my view, comics have been elusive to a lot of people. Even I once thought it hard to get into them, because they offer less story than a book and less movement and details than a movie. They seem to be snippets and devoid of content in comparison to these other media, but I find that once you get into one of them, you quickly begin to appreciate them.

Thanks to the glory that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a lot of new people are coming in. Personally, my biggest hurdle was always the vast world that had been setup over the decades. Marvel owns thousands of characters and their stories are so diverse and far reaching that it is impossible for a new person to come in. I mean, where do you even start? The MCU has made this easy, because for the last 10 years, it has introduced to wide public to some of the most essential heroes Marvel has to offer, and it even made some of them really popular. The Guardians of the Galaxy are my personal favorites, and they have been for longer than the movies existed. But as much bubbly fun Rocket, Roquill, and the others are, few people had known about the Guardians before they hit the theaters in 2014. I’m eternally grateful to James Gunn for doing right by those wonderful characters and for making my favorites popular.

The most interesting thing right now is that the known characters are going to fade and more of the other heroes will get their time in the light. Marvel has already planned 20 more movies for the next decade. Given just how many characters they own, there is potential for a huge number of films over the course of time, as long as Marvel can keep the formula interesting. The worst thing that could happen is for people to get bored of super heroes due to repetition. The Guardians and Deadpool have changed the formula quite a lot for themselves, one being colorful and comedic, the other being ridiculous and not at all serious. Both of them have a light yet different tone and focus on fun rather than dark stories. Thor Ragnarok certainly learned from this, given how much the style of the movie resembles the GotG trilogy.

But is this all still good or a sign that the formula is once again getting overused? Well, I guess all movies and storytelling is similar in some way. What really needs to happen is more diversity. There are some really artistic and different movies out there and if Marvel could also diversify the feel of their movies, make some really artsy and different, fill others with deeper emotions (Rocket Raccoon is currently the deepest character in the MCU and a prime example of this), then I think the formula will never get old – because there won’t be a formula. The one thing they need to keep in mind is that heroes themselves are a formula, and having too many heroes makes things repetitive again.

I hope that Marvel Studios can figure out a way to keep things fresh without recycling everything too much. What’s needed is really good and solid writing by people who truly get these characters and understand why their fans love them. Again, Rocket Raccoon is an example of this: he is absolutely precious in the movies, but the comic book writers do not understand this character and have yet to produce a Rocket comic that does not tank due to fans being disappointed. Writing is the most important thing!